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The Sino foreign joint ventures specializing in the R & D and production of high performance dusting bags and related products, with independent innovation
products as the core, adopt strict raw materials and produce Process quality control standard, to provide users with the most advanced products and best technical solutions.
Coal fired power plant
Cement plant
Chemical plant
Garbage Disposal Incinerator
Dust removal system
Everclear Group is specialized in development and manufacturing of high end environment equipment solutions for industrial air pollution controls. Combining the most advanced technologies in dust collector design and patented new filter bag/cage technologies, Everclear provides complete range of products and services for industrial air pollution control applications including solutions consulting, 3D design, high precision fabrication, installation and so on.

Started in 2010, Suzhou Everclear Environment Technologies Co., Ltd has accumulated comprehensive knowledge and experience in applying its innovative new technologies in high efficiency industrial air pollution controls in different industries, and has moved to establish Hebei Everclear Environment Technologies Co., Ltd in Tangshan, Hebei Province in 2017 to meet the growing demand.
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